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Advantages of Intensive Physical Therapy

The primary cause of cerebral palsy is prenatal brain damage that results from lack of enough oxygen. Behavioral problems, retardation, speech delays, and seizures are some of the major symptoms of the disease. However, motor disability remains to be the main feature of cerebral palsy. Children suffering from this condition can greatly benefit from intensive physical therapy. Research done on several children with the condition revealed that those who received physical therapy several times a week showed improved progress. The same happened for those who participated in an intensive physical therapy program.

One of the main benefits of enrolling your child in an intensive physical therapy program is that it serves to reduce or eliminate pain. A child suffering from cerebral palsy will frequently experience some lingering pain. Normally, their joints experience a lot of problems and they may not have the best sense of motion. Regardless of the situation, an IPT will greatly help your child relax and have better sleeping nights. Not only does this therapy relieve pain from their bodies, but it also serves to ensure that their muscle and joint function have been restored. When perfectly done, it may prevent the pain from coming back.

Intensive physical therapy is also tailored to improve on mobility. One of the biggest challenges of cerebral palsy is that the child will experience a lot of difficulty and pain while trying to move around. As a result, they may separate themselves from the rest of the group and spend a lot of their time alone. If your child is experiencing some difficulty moving around, you would want to consider enrolling them for an intensive physical therapy program so that their mobility can be restored. IPT improves on physical mobility through passive as well as active treatments.

As a parent, it is also possible that you are concerned about the likelihood of a surgery. It is possible that the same might have crossed your mind but you are not so pleased by it. The good news is that there so much that intensive physical therapy can solve. It provides you with a better treatment option that eliminates the need for surgery. Since this form of treatment is greatly focused on reducing pain in joints and other areas of the body, the need for surgery treatment is greatly reduced. In fact, it is effective as surgery when it comes to treatment of other conditions such as meniscal tears as well as knee osteoarthritis.

However, before you enroll in a program, ensure the therapists available are professionals. Find the professionals who will help your child receive the highest functional level. Ensure that their services can tackle all areas including one sided weakness, difficulty in walking, decreased muscle endurance, and low muscle tone. You also want to ensure that the therapists can employ the best treatment techniques and models including sensory integration, myofascial release, body balance and gait analysis and training, just to mention a few. With such services, you are sure that your child will experience improved balance, coordination, and external stabilization.

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